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The 2023 COS Christmas Ornament is on Sale NOW!

Published in Blog on November 08, 2023 by Article V Patriot

As the Christmas season quickly approaches, Convention of States is proud to announce the return of the annual COS Christmas ornament for the 5th consecutive year.

The 2023 ornament design features the one and only... Benjamin Franklin!

Crafted with the utmost attention to detail, the front side of the ornament features an intricate portrait of Benjamin Franklin accompanied by his iconic quote on the back, "It's a Republic, if you can keep it." These powerful words, uttered by Franklin at the conclusion of the Constitutional Convention in 1787, remind us of the solemn duty and responsibility of every citizen to safeguard the ideals of liberty and self-governance. View ornament.

What's truly inspiring is that a COS volunteer on the Texas grassroots team, Ms. Edna Krueger, hand-designed the ornament's artwork. The design beautifully embodies grassroots love for our nation and unwavering dedication to the Convention of States movement.

This annual classic has become a staple for many COS activists. If you've cherished our previous year's ornaments, this special token is a must-have addition to your Christmas collection.

As a highly-anticipated item, this item will sell out. To get your 2023 ornament, head to the Article V Outfitters store here.

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