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Thanks To Those Who Are Standing Up And Making Their Voices Heard

Published in Blog on May 03, 2022 by Donald Riach

In a recent interview, Karen Bezemek, Convention of States-MI Event Coordinator for Region 2 stated, ”In 2014 when the condition of the country was fundamentally changing, I listened to a radio broadcast by Mark Levin who spoke about a constitutional amendment process called Convention of States (COS). I was intrigued by the concept and watched for opportunities to get involved. Thankfully the 2016 through 2020 years were encouraging and COS seemed relatively less important.”

karen-bezemekThen the pandemic was upon us, uncovering and confirming much of what was happening in DC including their desire to control and diminish our freedoms. This lit a fire across the COS Action organization. Karen became actively engaged in the COS University training program and participated in weekly online meetings. In 2021 she reached out to the COS-MI leadership and met Sarah Santana, Regional Captain. They discussed Karen’s skillsets, her comfort with public involvement, and her desire to conduct COS Action presentations bringing people of like minds together. They decided the role of Event Coordinator could be the best role for Karen to further develop Convention of States within Region 2. 

Karen graduated from Central Michigan University (CMU) with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Marketing, and Communications. She continued her education in Digital Database Marketing at the University of Missouri Henry W. Bloch School of Management in Kansas City. She enjoyed a 33-year career with Amway Corporation, working with many vendors and IT people around the world to develop effective marketing and promotional programs for Amway’s global distributor base. Karen’s extensive business travels across North America and to Europe, Asia, and South America gave her broad exposure to the wide range of cultures and business practices found around the world. It allowed her to truly appreciate and be thankful for all that we have here in the USA.

A full-time career and three children (now grown plus four grandchildren) weren’t enough. She launched a video arcade business called Arbor Antics giving local kids a place to hang out, then started Learning Unlimited Network promoting community education and events.

Karen also found an opportunity to work with a local travel company called Countryside Tours and achieved the level of CTIS (Certified Tourism Industry Specialist). She spent five years with Countryside taking eighth-grade students to America’s east coast visiting US historical sites in New York, Washington DC, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. At the beginning of each trip, the kids didn’t have much interest in history. It was just something they had to read about for their classes. As each trip progressed and the students saw and touched the actual things they had read about, they became more excited and really interested in our rich US history. It was an “aha” moment for them. Karen notes “This experience opened my eyes to the need for the younger generation to better understand their country as amazing and exceptional.” 

Karen has a passion for our country. She has a patriot’s passion for preserving the Founder's values and protecting America from becoming a socialist/communist country.  She believes, “The country must regain confidence in the election process, both state and federal. As a citizen’s primary means of speaking for what they support, election integrity is crucial. Thankfully over 40 states have taken action since 2020 to shore up their election processes. Prayers to all that are working on these efforts.”

Karen concluded, “I am grateful for the many who are standing up and making their voices heard – from local levels through a wonderful raft of young new patriots coast to coast. When America’s citizens are reawakened to the reality of what is underway in DC, and what we will lose, we will rise to the occasion, and with God as our guide, take our country back.”

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