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Term Limits can fix inequality in Congress

Published in Blog on January 30, 2019 by Angel Cushing

Want to know why the swamp stinks? Here's what happens.

Say that a Junior Congressperson just won an election based on the promises he made to his constituents (no matter what those may be). 

He arrives in D.C. and gets to work on the ideas their people love.
However, senior members of Congress tell the new Congressperson, "Whoa there. First you have to show some loyalty and vote the way we tell you. Then, we can introduce legislation with your ideas that your voters love."

Shocked, the naive Congressperson turns to the mid-level members, who have been reelected at least once, for help. They have proven their loyalty.

They have done what they are told. They have supported legislation of which they are not fond. They towed the party line. Finally, after years of loyalty, they have some of their ideas attached to other unpalatable legislation coming up on the floor.

"Sorry kid, that is just how the game is played," they tell the Congressperson.

So what's the solution?

Term limits will make Congress more equal, which makes those they represent--their constituents--more equal.

We are currently living under the tyranny of senior representatives.

The only way to get term limits on federal officials is through Article V Convention of States. It is time for all the states to get together to discuss term limits.

Ask your state representative to support equality. Ask them to support Convention of States.

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