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Ten things you should NOT mention at Thanksgiving dinner

Published in Blog on November 23, 2022 by COS Staff Writer

Happy Thanksgiving! We are full of gratitude for all the blessings in our lives, from our families and friends to our nation and COS. 

With all the thankfulness, it’s only right to remind you how to stay out of trouble this Thanksgiving while you gather with.... let's say... your "unique" family members. 

Here’s what not to bring up at Thanksgiving dinner this year…. Or you may find yourself suffering unintended consequences (maybe not so unintentional).  

1. The Pilgrims – How dare you, they’re the root of systemic racism.

2. How expensive that turkey was – Suck it up. There’s a major war abroad, okay!?

3. Your utmost gratitude for America – You extremist! This nation was built on bigotry.

4. Christopher Columbus – He took the land of the indigenous.... and something about cultural appropriation.

5. Football season – Too violent.

6. The Founders – No diversity.

7. How much food you just ate – You don’t sound too accepting and inclusive of all shapes and sizes.

8. Your travel plans – Ohhh so you’re one of those superspreaders.

9. The chilly, fall weather – Don’t forget temps are far above average and the crisis is coming…. eventually. 

10. Ahh...Choo!! – Did you just sneeze? Because it may be time for you to mask, vax, and pack.


Just bringing some laughter to your Thanksgiving week!

In any case, you’ll have until next November to rekindle family relationships if you happen to slip on these offenses.  

We are thankful for all of our supporters and volunteers and wish everyone a  peaceful time with loved ones. 

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