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Survey: 64 percent of Michigan voters favor Convention of States resolution to limit federal power

Published in Blog on April 03, 2018 by Garrett Humbertson

The Moore Information research firm conducted a statewide poll of 400 likely Michigan voters on March 20-21, measuring support for the Michigan Governor Race, President Trump, Congressional approval, and Convention of States.

Republicans, Democrats and Independents were part of this survey. All respondents were registered to vote.

Constitutional Amendments to Limit Federal Power

Almost two-thirds (64%) of Michigan voters favor the state calling for an Article V convention to propose constitutional amendments that limit federal spending, limit federal power, and establish term limits for Congress and/or federal judges.

Looking at the issue with more specificity,

  • 71% favor/19% oppose placing term limits on members of Congress and/or federal judges.
  • 54% favor/23% oppose a constitutional amendment to limit federal spending.
  • 45% favor/24% oppose a constitutional amendment to limit federal power.

Commenting on the survey, Convention of States Action President Mark Meckler said, “Michigan voters from all parties unequivocally support reining in ‘the Swamp’, but the question before us is will the legislature come together to comply with the will of voters? Will they stand with the ruling elite to keep power in Washington, D.C. or will we see them stand and fight to return power to Michiganders in this heated election year?”

2018 Michigan Governor Race

In the race for the Republican nomination for Governor, in an eight-person field, Bill Schuette (27%) and Brian Calley (25%) are statistically tied. No other candidate garners more than 5%, but fully 40% are undecided.

Substantial percentages among most key voter subgroups are undecided today and neither Schuette nor Calley emerge as a leader among most key GOP subgroups with an opinion. However, Schuette leads among seniors and very Conservatives. 

On the Democrat side, Gretchen Whitmer (29%) and Shri Thanedar (21%) are the leaders today. Another 13% are voting for Geoffrey Feiger, 7% are voting for Abdul El-Sayed and 28% are undecided.  

Trump and Congress Job Approval

Trump is narrowly upside down in his job approval rating among Michigan voters – 52% disapprove, 46% approve. Disapproval is more “intense” with 47% strongly disapproving and 32% strongly approving.

Majorities of residents of the Flint and Detroit DMAs disapprove, but voters in the Grand Rapids DMA are more likely to approve. Men are divided, but a majority of women disapprove. By partisanship, Republicans nearly universally approve of the job Trump is doping, while Democrats nearly universally disapprove, as do the majority of Independents/others.   

Congress generates a widely negative rating today – fully 78% disapprove and 20% approve.  Disapproval prevails throughout the state, among men and women of all ages and across party lines.

Methodology: A total of 400 online interviews were conducted March 20-21, 2018 among a representative sample of voters statewide in Michigan. The potential sampling error is plus or minus 5% at the 95% confidence level. 

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