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SSA send $1 billion to people without social security number

Published in Blog on July 17, 2017 by Convention Of States Project

It’s hard to imagine the federal government digging itself of the $20 trillion national debt when they do things like this.

The Washington Free Beacon reported today that the Social Security Administration has paid $1 billion in benefits to people without social security numbers on file. The agency either never received a valid SSN or didn’t keep the records.

In any case, the federal government has sent billions of taxpayer dollars to people who they can’t confirm are eligible to receive the funds. Many of these individuals are collecting benefits on behalf of someone else, so it’s also possible that the money isn’t reaching its intended recipients.

The waste, fraud, and abuse within the federal government is out of control. That’s why millions have joined the Convention of States movement. An Article V Convention of States is being considered in dozens of states across the country.

Delegates to this convention can propose constitutional amendments that force the federal government to identify and eliminate the waste that occurs at every agency in Washington, D.C. These amendments can require a balanced budget, curb taxes, and reduce spending.

The feds can tackle the national debt; they just don’t want to. Fortunately, the people and the states have the power to step in via an Article V Convention of States.


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