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Southern Colorado is Getting Serious about Convention of States

Published in Blog on February 24, 2023 by Vivian Garcia

Convention of States is excited to welcome three new District Captains in Colorado. DCs are solid gold when it comes to building grassroots networks and connecting the people of Colorado to one another by organizing the citizens in their district and bringing the message of Convention of States to light.  

Volunteering to be a District Captain and representing an entire Colorado House District is a role that requires dedication, determination, leadership and coping skills.  

Volunteering for Convention of States is about being local, about reaching out to people, about being creative and willing to learn how we initiate the residents of Colorado to get excited about Article V. It’s about using the power of the People to put guardrails on the federal government and it’s about being willing to journey through with each other in order to accomplish a Convention of States for the next generation.

Jon Hitt is our District Captain for House District 62.  He lives in Creede but his district also covers Alamosa, Rio Grande, Conejos, Costilla and parts of Pueblo to name a few towns and cities.

Jon and his wife came from Texas in 2021. He had a property in Creede that he vacationed in since 2015 but decided to move there full time after COVID hit.  He’s a pilot and worked commercially for Southwest Airlines.  

It has only been a matter of weeks since he watched a Tucker Carlson special on Fox Nation which featured Mark Meckler. The show was nearly an hour long and the entire interview was about Convention of States. 

Jon watched this program and it was the first time he was exposed to Convention of States. He was already thinking about what he could do to affect change and as a peace-loving person, he didn’t see any options until he listened to Mark Meckler explain Article V and the roadmap that our U.S. Constitution created for us to protect ourselves from an over-reaching government.

He went to our website, signed the petition and immediately signed up to volunteer. The need was there for a DC in his area and Jon accepted the challenge. 

Now Creede is in the mountains and it has been in negative temperatures for a while so Jon is going to start very locally and start talking to the neighbors.  He’s going to start door knocking and talking to the people around him to educate and gather interest and hopefully build a team so that they can start making long term plans as it gets warmer when they can spread out activities to the surrounding areas.

Our next DC is for House District 60.  Allen Aubert lives in Pueblo West and has lived in the area since he graduated from college.  Allen also got involved in Convention of States from the Tucker Carlson special with Mark Meckler. He had heard of COS before but was unfamiliar with the details until then.  

Allen’s initial plans in his new role is to email the COS supporters in his district directly, introduce himself and seek out some help and hopefully plant some seeds to get a new team started for his district.  

His district covers parts of Pueblo, Pueblo West, Canon City, Fremont, Custer, Teller, Florence, Westcliffe and Silvercliff, to name a few.

He has already contacted his state district Senator and Representative and has gotten a response.  He was also excited when I told him about the rally on Thursday, April 20th at the State Capitol in Denver.  It’s sounds like he’s planning on going and I extend the invitation to the other two District Captains and everyone who is reading this to come out with us to support our Convention of States resolution on the steps of the State Capitol.

Our third new DC is Ronald Davenport, House District 46.  He’s in Pueblo and his District covers primarily Pueblo and surrounding areas.

Ron has lived in Pueblo for the last eight years.  He’s a Veteran and learned of Convention of States recently when our Veterans Coalition Director, Art Sickler, called him about buying a trailer.  They got to talking and Ron signed up as a team member in the COS Veterans Coalition but then saw the need and also volunteered for the District Captain role.

The great part of this story is Ron is going to team up with Allen Aubert in Pueblo West and work together. 

Right now, however, he’s going to focus on “learning the language” of how to present Convention of States to others.  He wants to build a solid foundation of information and connections with other leaders around the state.  

When he’s comfortable, he has long term goals, with Allen, to get a booth at the Colorado State Fair and Pueblo’s annual Chile Festival.  These are extremely popular events and he’s headed in the right direction to grow a fruitful network of people in Southern Colorado who want to lead our nation to liberty and self-governance.

We are so grateful for these three patriots!  The more people who take on leadership and team member roles, the greater the force we are to bring our resolution to the legislative table and bring it to a vote.  We want to be amongst the 34 states that trigger a Convention of States!

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