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Skip the Big Tech censorship! Find Convention of States on Parler

Published in Blog on November 18, 2020 by Convention Of States

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In the wake of censorship from big social media companies like Facebook and Twitter, liberty-loving Americans have been signing up in droves for a new social media service: Parler

Parler is a lot like Twitter but without the bias against conservatives. Parler allows Americans to post what they believe -- it doesn't limit certain views or "fact check" using biased fact-checking services. 

If you're on Parler (or you've thought about joining), don't forget to follow the Convention of States Project!

We joined Parler back in June of this year when we saw where big tech was headed going into the election. We want our volunteers and supporters to see the truth on their social media feeds -- not just the information that Silicon Valley "elites" want us to see. 

As the Convention of States movement continues to grow, we'll see even more vicious attempts to block the Article V movement and misinform the American people about what a Convention of States is all about.

We've already seen attacks from politicians and activists like George Soros and Hillary Clinton. Imagine how those in power in Washington will use their allies in social media to try to discredit the Convention of States movement once we get close to the 34-state threshold.

Then, it will be more important than ever that we arm our volunteers and supporters with the TRUTH about Article V, a Convention of States, and the abuses of the federal government. 

To make sure you see all of this crucial information, follow us on Parler.

Click here to see our page. 


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