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There's still time to sign up for Constitution Alive! (Plus, check out these testimonials from people who have taken the course)

Published in Blog on October 12, 2020 by Article V Patriot

Tonight at 8:00 PM ET we’re launching a six-week online course called Constitution Alive! It will meet virtually, once a week, and is absolutely free to the public. 

This course is a must-attend for anyone who considers themselves a patriot and wants to better understand one of the documents that make our nation what it is today. 

After all, if we’re going to defend the U.S. Constitution, first we must understand it. 

Check out these amazing testimonials from people who have already taken the course!

"I was so inspired, and I learned so much," said Tina from Rhode Island. 

"I learned more in six weeks than I had in all my life about the Constitution," said another class attendee. 

Constitutional Coach Rick Green will lead you through article-by-article, dispelling myths and covering everything from freedom of religion, to the powers of Congress and the President. 

Seats are going fast! Click the blue button below to register!

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