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Schoenbeck Pulls Strings Again

Published in Blog on February 07, 2023 by South Dakota Convention of States

The House State Affairs committee in South Dakota showed its true face today. Not only are they ignoring their duty to step in and fix the out of control federal government, but they are also tone deaf to the voters of South Dakota.

The committee heard testimony from the sponsor of HJR 5005, Representative Aaron Aylward of District 6, grassroots supporters, and the same couple of opponents that always show up. 

Despite the South Dakota House passing this same exact piece of legislation last year, the committee thumbed their noses at voters and chose to vote with the new Watertown leadership that has assumed the reins of power this session.

The committee vote was stacked with the new leadership in the House which defeated the resolution 8-2. (Representative Gary Commack is of note, as he was instrument in killing the effort last year as part of the same committee in the senate in 2022)

You need to rise up and tell your state representatives to stop following elitists from Watertown and push them to push Convention of States forward. 

We can still get this done this year, but it depends on you and if you can get YOUR state representatives to listen. Click Here:

Remind your elected officials they are accountable to you, not Lee Schoenbeck. You want term limits on Congress, you want an end to the crazy dysfunction in D.C., and you want them to support adding South Dakota to the Convention of States effort already passed by 19 other states. 

There are CRACKER BARRELS all over the state starting Friday. Show up and demand that HJR 5005 get "Smoked Out" and calendared for debate next week. Tell them to FIX THIS and to support the Convention of States!

Click here to get involved!
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