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Rita Dunaway's new book Restoring America's Soul is a "must-read" for "anyone who calls themselves a conservative"

Published in Blog on April 12, 2019 by Convention Of States

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Rita Dunaway's new book is making waves, and some of the biggest names in the country are calling it a "must-read" for anyone concerned with preserving the values and principles that have made our nation great.

"Restoring America's Soul defines conservatism as a philosophy that conserves the things we want to keep, then details what values and principles we must keep, and explains how Americans can conserve them," said former U.S. Senator Jim DeMint. "Everyone who calls themselves a 'conservative' must read this book. I haven't read a simpler, clearer description of conservatism or a better indictment of the forces that are trying to destroy the ideas that make America great."

Former U.S. Senator Tom Coburn agreed.

"The prescriptions outlined in Restoring America's Soul are just what the doctor ordered for the beleaguered conservative movement," he said.

Order Restoring America's Soul from Amazon.

Today's culture derides and dismisses the traditional, time-proven values that made America great. So-called conservative values, which are being consciously undermined at every turn: truth is attacked and vilified, sexual harassment is rife among those in power, and cohabitation is replacing marriage as the new norm.

Though many mainstream media outlets convince the nations youth that conservatism amounts to hateful extremism, nothing could be further from the truth. Its more important than ever to articulate the timeless principles of conservatism in compelling, gracious ways that will attract and aspire more Americans.

Restoring America's Soul reignites the vision and mission of authentic conservatism, and offers a fresh and persuasive case for conservative public policy positions on key issues.

Conservatism can never be a lost cause because it is, at its core, the timeless effort to champion virtue and conserve goodness, truth, and beauty. The true heart of conservatism is its desire to protect the principles worthy of being kept and to pursue virtue through disciplined self-governance.

In Restoring Americas Soul, Dunaway refreshingly suggests an enlightened course forward for the thoughtful conservative in contemporary America. 

Dunaway is a constitutional lawyer and National Legislative Strategist for Convention of States Action. 

Order Restoring America's Soul from Amazon.

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