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President Demonizes Patriots

Published in Blog on September 05, 2022 by Mary Bailey

On September 4, Joe Biden tweeted: "The MAGA agenda represents an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our Republic. It doesn't respect our Constitution. It doesn't believe in the rule of law. And it doesn't recognize the will of the people. MAGA proposals are a threat to the very soul of this country."

Aside from recognizing that our nation is indeed a Republic, Biden is wrong on all counts. Patriots are ardent defenders of the Constitution and the rule of law. We are not a threat to the soul of this country; we are a threat to the entrenched deep state in our federal government.

This is where a Convention of States comes into play. By using Article V of the Constitution, patriots can begin to take back control of our country from the federal bureaucrats who are desperately clinging to power. They try to paint us as extremists because they know we are gaining ground.

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the Washington County Fair in Greenwich, NY. The crowd was diverse, but what we all had in common was the enjoyment of good old-fashioned American fun. There were plenty of patriotic t-shirts and hats being worn. Nobody complained about climate change from the exhaust during the tractor pull contest. I didn't see any food vendors selling plant-based "meat" or edible bugs.

This is the true American spirit, people for self-governance enjoying their lives and families in peace. While the piglets at the trough were cute at the fair, there is nothing cute about the bloated pigs in the federal government getting fat at our expense.

With 19 states passing the COS Resolution thus far, keep pushing New Jersey! Let's get our state representatives to give our Resolution a fair hearing. We are making progress! Sign the petition and join the fight.

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