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Power cabal steadily dismantling Founders' constitutional structures

Published in Blog on July 17, 2017 by Convention Of States Project

The Framers of our Constitution believed that preserving liberty required a combination of good leaders, good policy, and good structure. Almost all of our political efforts over the last 35 years have been aimed at trying to elect good leaders and encouraging them to adopt good policy.

In the meantime, the power cabal in Washington, D.C., has been steadily dismantling the constitutional structures our Founders gave us.

Only Congress was empowered to enact laws. Now the executive branch and the judiciary make law. Congress was only meant to tax and spend on subjects mentioned in Article I. Now Congress taxes and spends for any subject it wants, and the Supreme Court approves.

The general grant of power from the people to the government was to reside in the state governments, not in Washington, DC. Yet today, state legislatures spend much of their time figuring out how to comply with federal mandates.

Constitutional structure is the only way to limit power. And freedom is possible only when power is truly limited.

So if we want to preserve our liberty, we must use the one and only constitutional mechanism designed to restore the STRUCTURE of limited government—and that is an Article V Convention of States.

This post is the launch of a four-week series, “The Facebook Federalist: Restoring the Structures of Limited Government.”

Point one: Structure is essential. Good people and good policy are not enough to preserve liberty.

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