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Political posturing and the true state of the union

Published in Blog on July 17, 2017 by Convention Of States Project

The President spoke; the Republicans responded.

But after all the political posturing, what's the true state of our union?

Healthcare, executive orders, tax reform, the national debt, bureaucracy -- the issues discussed by the President and his opponents are all important and worth consideration.

But for true change to take place, for our country to finally move in the right direction, we must get to the heart of these issues.

The heart of the problem is this: we have a federal government intent on amassing power for itself. Both Democrats and Republicans believe that they, in Washington, D.C., know what's best for the millions of people in America. Acting on this belief, they pass laws and executive orders to control nearly every facet of society.

This was not the Founder's intention. But the Supreme Court has interpreted the Constitution in such a way that Congress and the President can legally legislate on, basically, anything they want.

Electing "good" leaders won't solve this problem; "good" legislation won't solve this problem. Our only remedy is found in Article V of the Constitution.

Article V describes an "amending convention," attended by all 50 states, to propose amendments to the U.S. Constitution. These amendments can describe in clear, incontrovertible language the limits of the federal government's power. Thus, decision-making authority will be given to the states and the people, where it belongs.

Congress does not control this process, the President has no say, and the Supreme Court does not get a vote. It's up to the state legislatures to call and run this Convention of States, but they need your support.

Click here to sign the Convention of States petition. Not only will your signature be added to a list of thousands, but we'll also send your petition to your state legislator to let them know you support this last, best chance to preserve liberty in American.

You can also learn more about the Convention of States process by watching this video.

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