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Persistent visits put pressure on legislators

Published in Blog on February 11, 2019 by Mark Kenneth White

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The Convention of States Hawaii Team visited the capitol on February 6. Pictured  left to right are Donna and Jack Van Osdol, Aurora Wilson, Rita Kama-Kimura, Brett Kulbis, Emil Svrcina, Jake Wilson, Stephan Bischoff, Ariel Wilson, and Mark White

The Convention of States Hawaii team paid another visit to the capitol Wednesday, February 6, to continue their legislative exposure and education campaign in Hawaii's 2019 session.  

This most recent weekly visit marked the fourth week in a row COS team members assembled at the state capitol and distributed educational handouts relating to Article V and Convention of States.  

While some offices grumbled about the frequent visits, our Convention of States teams persevered through another successful "Surge Wednesday" campaign day. 


An article by Prof Rob Natelson and an issue of 'The Convention Courier' dispelling the common myths surrounding a 'convention for proposing amendments' were passed along to all state legislators.


Left to right, Donna, Rita and Brett discuss the events of the day at the State Capitol.

To visit your state legislator's office, join the Convention of States Hawaii team every Wednesday through February, 1pm at the State Capitol.

To learn more about Convention of States visit our webpage and to volunteer to help the Hawaii team click here.

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