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"Obamaphone" program wracked with fraud as millions per year lie about THIS

Published in Blog on July 17, 2017 by Convention Of States Project

The United States is over $19 trillion in debt. The economy is sluggish. Overbearing regulations keep small businesses on the ground, and the American worker continues to face a tough job market. Meanwhile, the federal government flushes millions of dollars down the drain every day.

Ajit Pa -- the Republican Commissioner of the Federal Communications Commission -- noted recently that the feds are losing nearly $500 million per year due to fraud within the “Obamaphone” program that subsidizes internet and phone services for low-income individuals.

The program only permits one $9.95 subsidy per "independent economic household," but, according to Pa, millions of individuals per year claim to represent “separate households” even though they have the same address. The FCC has no way of verifying the truth of their claims, but sends them money nonetheless.

An economic crash is coming, and Washington, D.C., has done nothing but exacerbate the problem. Every day brings new stories of wasted taxpayer dollars as the debt climbs ever higher. American citizens concerned about the future of their country have been powerless to stop it -- until now.

Millions of Americans have joined the movement to call an Article V Convention of States for the tri-partite purpose of limiting the power of the federal government, mandating term limits for federal officials, and imposing real, strict fiscal restraints on Congress. Our federal officials will never limit their spending or make the tough decisions to cut needless social and defense programs. Only a Convention of States can propose constitutional amendments that force D.C. to be fiscally responsible and secure the future of our nation.



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