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New Mexico Committee Monday

Published in Blog on July 17, 2017 by Convention Of States Project

Imagine checking your Inbox Saturday morning and finding 248 emails from citizens all over the state of New Mexico asking you to say Yes! You'd have to scroll and scroll....

That's just what happened to each member of the House Judiciary Committee yesterday. 

In case you missed it, the Convention of States Resolution (HJR 19) will be heard by Judiciary Monday afternoon. If it gets enough votes it will be passed out of committee and voted on by the entire House. Once it passes the House, HJR19 then goes to the Senate!

Time is short, not only for this resolution but for our Republic as well. Help push HJR 19 to the House floor. 

RIGHT NOW: If you haven't already, please challenge all 13 Judiciary members to support HJR 19... with just ONE CLICK. Let's double the number of emails in each member's Inbox (i.e., 450) from New Mexico supporters of a Convention of the States!

TOMORROW: This one's critical. Phone calls are one of the most effective ways of influencing a legislator. Please call tomorrow morning as many legislators on the list below as you can. Courteously let the secretary know you ask that the committee member support HJR 19. Be sure to at least call on Representatives Nate Gentry and Paul Pacheco.

And, if you can, please join Judge Walker and me at the Roundhouse tomorrow afternoon for the 1:30 pm hearing in Room 309. 

If you arrive in Sante Fe early, join us for lunch at Del Charro Restaurant at 12:30 pm, and we will all go to the Roundhouse together.

Friend, every day you see and hear of new power grabs by one branch or another of the federal government. Promise after promise is broken almost daily by our legislators in DC. Washington will never fix itself! Thank you for doing your part in helping the State of New Mexico call for the Constitution based solution that's as big as the problem.

NM House Judiciary Committee Members

Rank | Name | Phone | Bldg/Room | Party | Email

  1. Chair Cook, Zachary 505-986-4411 RH 308 R
  2. VChair Pacheco, Paul 505-986-4233 RH 204A R
  3. Rep. Gentry, Nate 505-986-4776 RH 134 R
  4. Rep. Dines, James 505-986-4242 RH 205B R
  5. Rep. Adkins, David E. 505-986-4453 CN 203H R
  6. Rep. Brown, Cathrynn N. 505-986-4844 RH 314C R
  7. Rep. McMillan, Terry H. 505-986-4327 RH 312B R
  8. Rep. Chasey, Gail 505-986-5325 RH 201A D
  9. Rep. Egolf, Jr., Brian F. 505-986-4758 RH 125 D
  10. Rep. Louis, Georgene 505-986-5325 RH 201A D
  11. Rep. Maestas, Antonio 505-986-4214 RH 201B D
  12. Rep. Martinez, W. Ken 505-986-4226 RH 203B D
  13. Rep. Alcon, Eliseo 505-986-4220 RH 202B D

P.S. You can send an email to everyone on the committee with just one click here:

Click here to get involved!
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