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New Look, Same Goal: Convention of States unveils new website

Published in Uncategorized on December 13, 2017 by Convention Of States

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If you’ve visited our website over the past week or so, you’ve probably noticed a new look.

After months of development, planning, and input from volunteers across the country, the new Convention of States Action website is ready to rock and roll!

The dynamic new site features more on-the-ground news from COS state leaders, exciting opportunities to take action, and streamlined access to our educational resources.

We're thrilled to share this new tool with you just in time for the legislative season to start, and we know you'll use it in amazing ways to grow the Article V movement from sea to shining sea.

For our volunteers, the backend of the website integrates several innovative tools that empower citizens to get to work and make history.

It is an exciting time for the Convention of States movement.

We have been adjusting to many of the experiences we have had since Aug. 8, 2013, when we launched the Convention of States to great fanfare and anticipation. We had the Handbook for Legislators and Citizens, a website, and not much else.

We didn't have a grassroots army - just a vision to build one. It seems providential that just five days after the launch of COS, Mark Levin published the book that helped create the tidal wave that is now the Convention of States movement.

Today 12 states have successfully passed our Article V resolution, we have over three million COS supporters, including dozens of prominent endorsers, more than 850,000 petitions submitted from every legislative district in America, a PragerU video with over 10.4 million views, and literally thousands of volunteers, documents, files, and videos supporting our efforts.

This project has turned into quite the operation replete with District Captains, state leadership, and a national team.

That’s why we made the decision to build our very own system, allowing for unprecedented innovation and growth. COS warriors are blazing a trail, and this is an important step on the path to our goal of calling the first-ever Article V Convention of States.

Thank you for continued support for Convention of States as we work to restore freedom and self-governance in America.

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