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My Eyes Were Opened

Published in Blog on November 30, 2021 by Tanya Hettler

When I decided to run for school board, my primary concern was the negative impact that remote learning was having on my own and other peoples’ kids.

But as I was doing research on what was occurring in our local school district and in districts across the country, my eyes were opened to the focus that was being placed on Critical Race Theory, and equity and social justice ideology. 

Particularly disturbing was the fact that our school district website had and continues to have an entire section dedicated to “Diversity and Equity Resources for Families” that contains five different pages that one can access including one called “Anti-Racism Resources for Families”. (To find out more about these recommended books go to How My Eyes Were Opened.)

As I was looking through these resources and reading more about Critical Race Theory and social justice ideology, I came to realize that words such as “diversity and equity,” “anti-racism,” and “social and emotional learning” sound really good. But when you look into what is actually meant by these terms, it is not good at all.

In fact, the definitions of the terms that are found on our district's website and in the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) documents that we requested from the district often mean exactly the opposite of what one would assume from their names.

From both a logical perspective as well as based on considerable research that I have read, I discovered that the ideology behind CRT is not good for anyone—black or white.

The sad truth is that many of the leaders of the social justice movement are willing to sacrifice the well-being of black Americans in order to push their own agenda. These activists need an “oppressor” and an “oppressed group” in order to achieve the turmoil that they are seeking so that they can undermine the foundations of our country. As Michelle Obama stated in a moment of honesty, Obama’s goal was to “fundamentally transform America.”

And Biden and the Democrats tell us they are going to “Build Back Better.” Why would they need to build back better unless they have first dismantled the present system?

The progressive left are using race to try to split us apart, stir up strife, and undermine our institutions (think “Defund the Police”) so that they can step in and “save” us. We should see this goal of “transformation” for what it really is and not fall for the divisive ideology behind CRT under the pretense of helping minorities.

Critical Race Theory is just one of the many ways in which the current administration is intentionally harming our country. Let’s stop them from doing more damage by calling for a Convention of States in which we limit the term lengths, the power, and the spending of the federal government. You can find out more and join us by signing the petition at Convention of States.

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