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More Leftists Pile On in Nebraska

Published in Blog on December 19, 2021 by David P Schneider

Another leftist Nebraska group has cast their lot against Convention of States.

Civic Nebraska has joined two Soros-funded groups -- Common Cause and the League of Women Voters -- in opposing the Convention of States team in Nebraska. 

It is not a big surprise. A few years ago, over 250 radical socialist organizations wrote a mutual letter against the Convention of States. Why would these Nebraska groups want to fight back against a bloated federal government and its overreaching mandates?

Soros’ big policy group, Common Cause, is leading the opposition effort. They have been trying to fool liberty loving Nebraskans on social media using fear tactics. That’s right, Common Cause has sponsored ads on social media under the name “Defend Our Constitution” with call to action in many states to sway legislators.

Their efforts to fool conservatives has been somewhat successful, as their Facebook page has known grassroots conservative followers that are sharing their misinformation.

Do not be fooled! 

Look at the leftist lobbyists that are lined up in opposition against LR14 (legislation to join the Convention of States) in Nebraska.

The opposition lobbyists are all from left leaning organizations. Ask yourself, what are they scared of?

Nine leftist lobbyists in Lincoln have all signed in opposition. Will you stand with them, or with us?


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