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Meckler calls Biden admin. pronoun mandate cultural Marxism, 'not reality'

Published in Blog on November 13, 2023 by Article V Patriot

Did you know that on Biden's first day in office, the official White House website was updated to allow visitors to specify their pronouns? The immediate action signaled a long-time-coming push for gender chaos, something that is now inundating American culture. 

The push for gender confusion continues to be a key point in the administration. The Department of Human Services is rolling out a new gender pronoun policy that forces employees to deny biological reality and accept identity falsehoods. Convention of States President Mark Meckler described the policy as cultural Marxism, explaining that if there's a man sitting in the cubicle next to you and he tells you he's actually a woman, the government mandates you follow their claim, not the truth.

"There are job consequences if you don't do this. This is cultural Marxism, this is insanity," Meckler said. "They're trying to force you to live in a way that refuses to acknowledge reality and you should not play that game with them."

"I will never say that a man is a woman or a woman is a man. You're whatever gender you're born no matter what your crazy mind tells you."


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