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March's Volunteers of the Month: Art Sickler and Lynn Ray

Published in Blog on March 31, 2024 by Vivian Garcia

The Veterans who volunteer for Convention of States Action Colorado put their hearts into all of their efforts. They manage, organize and follow through. They use their military experience as the foundation of how they get results; they use their love of God, country, family as the foundation of why they get results. COS Vets Coalition Director Art Sickler and COS Vets Coalition XO (Second-in-Command) Lynn Ray are both recognized as the Volunteer of the Month for their efforts in March!

They have taken on several projects but events are the main focus of COS Vets. Lynn excels at managing and following through with the details that get results. Art drives the energy to get results through his leadership. He’s not a micro-manager. He has created the framework and foundation for the COS Vets team in a way that motivates their service-oriented spirits. Art leads their meetings, directs their focus and diligently pushes to drive that focus month after month. 

Art is a Marine who served for nine years straight out of high school. He served at Camp Pendleton in California, in Singapore, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Thailand, Guam, Mt. Fuji, Japan and Tampa, Florida. He and his wife now live in Brighton. Lynn is an Airman and was a United States Air Force Pilot. He was a Convention of States supporter in Arizona until he and his wife moved here to Colorado early in 2023. 

Both men became very active with Convention of States Veterans Coalition and with the many other active Vets, they started by organizing the Adams County Fair and the Colorado State Fair COS tables over the summer. It was an impressive Summer of 2023 for the Vets and for COS in general. The experience they’ve gathered from each event is making them Events Experts and they’re working on training newer volunteers to take on more events in the future. 


Veterans Coalition Director Art Sickler

They just had a COS table at a gun show in Colorado Springs at the end of March. In April, COS Vets is coordinating an event in Pueblo and also at the Greeley Home Expo from April 12th to April 14th at the Island Grove Event Center in Greeley. They’ll set up a COS table and gather petitions from Expo attendees for three days. 


Veterans Coalition Team Member Lynn Ray

If you want to see all of the events that are happening in Colorado you can check out our Colorado Events Calendar and if you click on an event, you can find the link to volunteer for each event if volunteers are still needed.

The other project that Art and Lynn started in March was the Colorado COS Vets YouTube Playlist within our Colorado Channel. Art has plans on interviewing Vets and special guests with the goal to train Vets and to introduce the COS Vets Team to Colorado. 

COS Vets created a training video last summer before the Colorado State Fair. It was their stand-alone video on our channel. Now, Art and Lynn created the introduction March 10th Episode 1 which launched the Colorado COS Vets Playlist on YouTube. They have plans for Episode 2 but so much is on the agenda for April that producing the next episode is still in the works.

Art, Lynn and the COS Vets Team will join the rest of us at the State Capitol in Denver, 200 E Colfax Avenue, 80206 on Thursday, April 25th at 11a.m. We are excited and honored to have Convention of States Co-Founder and President, Mark Meckler as our Keynote Speaker at the COS Rally! Mark travels all over our great nation speaking, educating, encouraging supporters and testifying before state legislatures. Please attend and help us support Convention of States Action at the West Steps of the Capitol. Meet Art Sickler, Lynn Ray and so many other impressive Vets who will travel from different parts of the state to help us support the solution that’s bigger than the problem: Convention of States!

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