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Colorado Rep. Marc Catlin meets with Convention of States

Published in Blog on January 09, 2019 by Barb Stoermer

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The Convention of States Colorado team's 2019 legislative efforts officially kicked off today.  

A COS team of state experts met with Representative Marc Catlin (Colorado House District 58) this morning at the state capitol building in Denver.

Maurice Emmer (State Co-Captain), Evan Ela (State Legislative Liaison), and Jack Fitzgibbon (District Captain) came to the meeting armed with Article V information, constituent videos and letters supporting COS, and plenty of enthusiasm.

Rep. Catlin, who represents the southwest corner of the state including the towns of Montrose and Cortez, is genuinely interested in the grassroots movement to invoke Article V. 

His district has 737 petition signers and COS support continues to grow each day.

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