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LISTEN: When's this house of cards going to fall apart?

Published in Blog on December 04, 2023 by Article V Patriot

We will spend almost $700 billion on interest this year, which is more than we spend on almost any federal program, Convention of States Senior Advisor Rick Santorum warned. 

"At some point, when's this house of cards going to fall apart? And no one in Washington is going to do anything about it," Santorum told radio listeners during a recent interview. 

Calling an Article V convention would reestablish the states as the boss of the federal government. And that's the way it always was up until about 100 years ago when the 17th Amendment passed and allowed popular election of senators.

"Remember, United States senators were appointed by the state legislature and it was put in there by the Founders to control the size and scale of Washington," Santorum explained. "Washington has exploded since... Give the states this power again by using the Convention of States."


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