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VT Legislation Subverts Self Governance

Published in Debate on August 02, 2021 by Michael Codding

Vermont state government is propelling business and jobs away from the state. Our legislators seem to have forgotten a fundamental principle of our form of government, that “We the people” are sovereign and they represent us. Vermonters are being treated like children with our elected representatives as the parents. This is an outright attack on self governance.

A new regulation is pending in the legislature, H.157An act relating to registration of construction contractors”, has passed both legislative bodies one time and is positioned for transfer to the Governor’s desk by a House revote in January.

The bill would require both small and large contractors like builders and carpenters, (your friends and neighbors) to:
    Purchase at least $1million liability insurance 
    Register with the state and pay a yearly registration fee 
    Provide written contracts for all work projects 
    Be subject to fines and penalties for minor infractions bill's provisions 

All for the purpose of education on and enforcement of new building codes related to environmental protection. 

H.157 is a supplemental bill which supports the Global Warming Solutions Act, 2020 Acts and Resolves No. 153 which the Vermont Legislature uses as their guidepost for all new regulations. As a result, escalating cost of living taxes are levied on Green Mountain residents.

The higher cost of buying, renovating, and maintaining a home will suppress the home ownership rate. It will be much more difficult, or impossible, to locate and schedule a contractor or builder for home improvement projects. Landlords will increase their monthly rental rates, fall behind in their efforts to keep up with building codes, and fail to perform routine maintenance in a timely manor.

Increased Tax Burden

As with any other business, the additional costs of doing business plus the compliance cost in the Secretary of State’s office, will be passed on to the consumer and force small or self employed contractors out of business. Tax dollars will be redirected from other state services such as transportation or extracted via a tax rate increase to pay for additional state administrative costs, state worker salaries and worker benefits.

Self Governance Subversion

This bill creates a back door through which future building regulations will bypass the whole House and Senate oversight process. A committee in the legislature will approve future regulation changes instead of obtaining approval and review by the entire legislative body.

Citizens' Duty

This pending legislation will impact the lives of every Vermonter and your input is needed! It is the duty of citizens to influence the actions of their legislators. Look up your legislators here and let them know how to represent you.

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