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Last chance in the North Carolina Senate!

Published in Blog on July 18, 2017 by Convention Of States Project

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Very, very important – please read this entire message…

I have disappointing news for you today.  The NC House of Representatives has decided that the Article V Convention of States Project isn’t important enough to even consider right now.  Apparently they aren’t particularly concerned with the increasingly out of control, power grabbing federal government.  Apparently they don’t have a problem with our state authority being stripped away and claimed by the national government.  Apparently they are just fine with decisions for North Carolinians being made in Washington, DC.

As one great NC Statesman observed, “the nation may need to be imperiled further for many of the Reps to realize the importance of a COS”.  Consider for a moment the incredible sacrifice and hardships our Founders endured so that we could enjoy the blessings of Liberty.  They pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor.  These Cowards don’t have the backbone to stand up for a simple vote to do the right thing.

As a true North Carolina Patriot I know you share my profound disappointment in the lack of conviction in so many of our elected representatives.  They just couldn’t seem to find the time and the courage to deal with possibly the most important issue of our generation – the runaway freight train called the federal government.  And very soon we intend to let them know just how disappointed we are! 

But first, we have a critical mission to accomplish.  Right now!

We still have a chance in the NC Senate, so let’s spend our time there for now.  Our Senate Bill (S398) is alive and well.  But time is running out quickly.  We must get this Senate bill passed through the committee and voted for on the Senate floor by Thursday, April 30th.  That’s the deadline for this session; once that date passes we will have no chance until the next legislature convenes.  If we get this passed in the Senate, the House comes back into play.  So I need you to call your NC Senator below.  If your Senator isn’t listed, I still need you to call AND email the Senators on the Rules Committee.  If your Senator is listed, please contact them AND the committee membersThis is critical.  Don’t put this off – don’t let it be someone else’s responsibility.  America is counting on you.  Email now and call when you can get through.

Here is a suggestion for what to say and write – but please feel free to use your own words…

Dear Senator ____________,

I urge you to support Senate Bill 398.  I urge you to encourage its passage out of the Rules Committee and on to a floor vote before April 30th.  NC Senators like you need to be making decisions for North Carolina – not somebody in Washington, DC.  An Article V Convention of States is our best, and maybe last, chance to restore our rightful state authority and reclaim our country from a runaway federal government. Please help NC join the growing list of states that support this national effort.  Please support S398 out of the committee and on the floor.

Thank you, 


Please, this is very important and very urgent.  I need you to do this right away! This could be the most important email and phone call of this entire effort, so far.  Please don’t pass on this critical step towards reclaiming the country our Founders devised for us.  Here are the Senators and their contact information…

Remember, 1- call AND email YOUR Senator; AND 2- call and email all of the committee members (especially Senators Apodaca and Tucker since they have a lot of influence regarding what comes up in the committee). You only need to write one email.  Then just copy and paste it to different Senators.  (of course the names will be different!)  I know it will take some of your time; our children and grandchildren are worth it, right?  Their future is literally at stake.

LIST OF SENATORS HERE…  Rules and Operations Committee members have ** by their name.

Bill Cook

(919) 715-8293

Norman W. Sanderson

(919) 733-5706

**Harry Brown

(919) 715-3034   

Louis Pate

(919) 733-5621

**Bill Rabon

(919) 733-5963

Michael Lee

(919) 715-2525

**Brent Jackson

(919) 733-5705

**E. S. (Buck) Newton

(919) 715-3030

Ronald J. Rabin

(919) 733-5748

John Alexander

(919) 733-5850

Tamara Barringer

(919) 733-5653

**Chad Barefoot

(919) 715-3036

**Wesley Meredith

(919) 733-5776

Rick Gunn

(919) 301-1446

Tom McInnis

(919) 733-5953

Phil Berger

(919) 733-5708

**Trudy Wade

(919) 733-5856

Jerry W. Tillman

(919) 733-5870

Shirley B. Randleman

(919) 733-5743

Joyce Krawiec

(919) 733-7850

Stan Bingham

(919) 733-5665

**Andrew C. Brock

(919) 715-0690

**Tommy Tucker

(919) 733-7659

Fletcher L. Hartsell, Jr.

(919) 733-7223

Bob Rucho

(919) 733-5655

Jeff Tarte

(919) 715-3050

Andy Wells

(919) 733-5876

**Kathy Harrington

(919) 733-5734

David L. Curtis

(919) 715-3038

Dan Soucek

(919) 733-5742

Warren Daniel

(919) 715-7823

**Ralph Hise

(919) 733-3460

**Tom Apodaca

(919) 733-5745

Jim Davis

(919) 733-5875


Not sure who represents you?  Just use this easy link and enter your address…

We are fortunate to have some strong support in the NC House and we are grateful for these Patriots.  Please be sure to thank them for their efforts and encourage them to stand strong for COS in the future.  If your House Representative is not listed below, I hope you’ll also contact them very soon to find out why they don’t stand with the Founders and Article V.  Find out why they like North Carolina decisions being made in Washington, DC.

Our list of Article V Heroes in the NC House of Representatives who all deserve our thanks…  Please thank them when you get a chance!  (this part isn’t urgent)

Rep. Bert Jones                              919-733-5779

Rep. Chris Millis                           919-715-9664

Rep. Dennis Riddell                 919-733-5905

Rep. Gary Pendleton              919-733-5860

Rep. Mark Brody                          919-715-3029

Rep. George Cleveland      919-715-6707

Rep. Debra Conrad                  919-733-5787

Rep. Pat Hurley                              919-733-5865

Rep. Chris Whitmire              919-715-4466

Rep. Allen McNeill                    919-715-4946

Rep. Dean Arp                                 919-715-3007

Rep. Bob Steinberg                  919-733-0010

Rep. George Robinson        919-733-5931

And thank you, thank you, thank you for all you do.  God Bless You.

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