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Kansas Call to Action!

Published in Blog on July 18, 2017 by Convention Of States Project

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The Convention of States Kansas Team is close to having the necessary number of votes to ensure the Convention of States model application HCR510 is a success in Kansas! Our team in Topeka has met with Speaker Merrick and his staff. Speaker Merrick has expressed his support for HCR5010 and has agreed to work the resolution if we meet the votes required. Thank you for making the calls and emails, but we also want to thank the Speaker for his support on this measure. We are less than 5 votes shy of meeting the vote requirement. We need to press on to secure the final votes needed.

I am calling our volunteers in Kansas and throughout the country to contact the list of legislators below. Please encourage these legislators politely to support this measure. Your emails should include a subject like “Vote YES on HCR5010” or “Support HCR5010 Convention of States”. Your communication should identify you as a constituent with an address that includes a city or if not a constituent, a city and state and why this vote is important to you personally. 





Rep. Bollier


785 296-7686

Rep. Finch


785 296-7655

Rep. Gallagher



Rep. Hill


785 296-7632

Rep. Lewis



Rep. Patton



Rep. Proehl


785 296-7639

Rep. Rooker


785 296-7686

Rep. Schroeder


785 296-7500

Rep. Sloan


785 296-7654

Rep. Swanson



By clicking on their name above, you will go to their page on the KS Legislator page, and by clicking the District number, you will see the actual map of their district. Please encourage ANYONE that you know in that district to also communicate with these Representatives to support HCR5010 and commit their vote. You can also use this link EMAIL ALL to start an email to these Representatives. You will still need to personalize it with your message along with your city and state. Forward any response to your communication from the listed individuals to Thank you for supporting Kansas Convention of States!

Ad astra per aspera!

David Schneider

Kansas State Director

Convention of States Project

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