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Julian Acciard supports Convention of States

Published in Blog on June 06, 2022 by Carol Petrusewicz

Julian Acciard visited our booth at Wings & Wheels on Saturday, June 4th, 2022, in Rochester, NH.

Julian Acciard was a Marine who served in Iraq. He shared, "...Convention of States is a giant reset button for the entire federal government..."

Al Brandano, our State Grassroots Coordinator, summed Article V up nicely when he shared about how our Founding Fathers wanted this safety net, like a circuit breaker. "They had just come through a Revolution. Convention of States is the only non-violent way. This mechanism is the way to take back what they knew would be an out of control government."

Julian also shared parental wisdom, "If I allow my children to act up without any consequences, then they are going to continue to act up...This applies to the states as well as the federal level."

Article V is just that, a reset.

Julian decided to take action to reset the federal government when he signed the petition. You can too! To sign the petition, go here.

He also took action to the next level. He decided to run for NH Governor.

I extend the invitation to you to take your action to the next level and run for anything that comes up. June 10th is the end of the filing period for declaring you are running for office. You can find out more about running for office here.

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