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Published in Blog on July 17, 2017 by Convention Of States Project

The success of the Convention of States Project depends on you. While our numbers grow every day, there is a small, vocal group of Americans who are actively opposing our project. These organizations use fear mongering, lies, and misinformation as their tactics.

To combat these underhanded strategies, we've developed four new volunteer teams we encourage you to consider joining.

These teams of volunteers will be asked to do specific, very important tasks. You are welcome to volunteer for one or more of these. All we ask is that when you sign up for a team, that you commit to being engaged and active in your role so that we can depend on you for action.

Social Media Warriors

Do you enjoy Facebook, Twitter, and other social media? The Social Media Warriors team was founded to proactively promote and defend the Convention of States Project, winning hearts and minds through social media. We are looking for a national team of Social Media Warriors to reach out to our Facebook and Twitter supporters and ask them to sign our petition, learn more about Article V, and get more involved.

Expected level of commitment: 5 - 10 hours per month

Click here to apply.

Social Media Warriors Chat Team

Our websites have launched a new chat technology, and we need your help! This chat feature allows us to engage website visitors who may otherwise navigate away from our site. It doesn't take much time, and it is completely flexible around your schedule. Hone your Convention of States knowledge while helping others to find out about our best chance to save the nation from fiscal collapse.

Expected level of commitment: Flexible

Click here to apply.

National Call to Action Team

These team members simply commit to responding whenever we publish a national call to action. It's imperative our state legislators know the American people are behind them, especially during the legislative season.

Expected level of commitment: 1-3 hours per month

Click here to apply.

National Social Media Recruiting Team

As a member of this volunteer team, you'll help our national leaders recruit other Convention of States volunteers through social media. Our Facebook and Twitter presences have grown exponentially over the past year, and we want to use these mediums to recruit volunteers from across the country.

Expected level of commitment: 5-10 hours per month

Click here to apply.

We look forward to working with you!

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