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Kansas COS Newsletter

Published in Blog on January 09, 2022 by Ana-Elena Jensen

Monday, January 10, 2022

Capitol Report

Kansas Legislature convenes on January 10 at the Capitol in Topeka.

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Sponsor Named for Convention of States Resolution

Representative Emil Bergquist will be the primary sponsor for the Convention of States Resolution. 

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It's Time To Let Them Hear From You

While the states created and empowered the three branches of our national government they also retained the authority to make adjustments when necessary. That time has come! If a nation founded on the premise of individual liberty and self-governance is to survive we need to exercise that authority soon. 

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Find a COS Event Near You. 

Our leaders around the state want to see you bring a friend to their meetings. To find a leader in your area email Some areas do not have a COS leader. If you are called to be a leader Send Us Your Information and we will get back to you. 

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Five Reasons the Convention of States Is A Safe Solution

Despite what the establishment or naysayers might tell you, the Framers established an Article V Convention of States as a safe, constitutional way to rein in the federal government.

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