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In 2015, federal bureaucracies imposed 3,419 more regulations than Congress passed laws

Published in Blog on July 17, 2017 by Convention Of States Project

Our republic is in great peril. Our government has abandoned the core beliefs of our founding fathers, who gave us the most inspired secular document ever written, the U.S. Constitution. Only the Bible has had more influence.

Unfortunately, we are not being governed by the Constitution. For decades, the U.S. Supreme Court has stretched and redefined the original intent of our founders, using the commerce and general welfare clauses to justify nearly every government overreach, including Obamacare. This has created a shadow constitution in which the federal government regulates and controls every aspect of our lives.

The founders intended for the states to be in control of how we were governed and for the federal government to do such things as waging war, handling international relations, delivering the mail and keeping the national monuments tidy.

Instead, the acronym agencies such as the FDA, EPA, DEA, OSHA, DOE, HSA write thousands of regulations every year. In 2011, Congress passed 81 laws, while agencies made more than 3,500 new rules and regulations.

Daryl Mast, owner of Midland Truss in New Holland, tells me that often, a bureaucrat walks into his office and informs him that he is not meeting the standards of some subagency. When Daryl says he didn’t know that the subagency even existed, let alone had regulations, he is informed that it is his responsibility to know the rules.

All this bureaucracy falls under the executive branch and operates at the pleasure of the president. Congress has become impotent to rein it in; the bureaucrats carry over from administration to administration and run the country as they see fit.

It’s time We The People reclaimed our rightful position of governance. Our founders gave states the option to restore the republic and throttle back the runaway federal government when they wrote Article V, which allows two-thirds of the states to call a convention to propose amendments to the Constitution. S. 198 and H.3177, which were prefiled this past week in the S.C. House and Senate, would place South Carolina among the states calling for a convention.

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