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How Can You Defend a Constitution You Fear?

Published in Blog on July 17, 2017 by Convention Of States Project

The following is an excerpt from an article written by John DeMayo, a Convention of States district captain from Texas. You can read the entire article on Freedom Outpost here.

I am a passionate supporter, recruiter and Texas District Captain for the Article V Convention of States movement. I recently reached out to Mark Meckler, [President and Founder of Citizens for Self-Governance]. Never having met this man, I must tell you his words and passion for America are worthy of respect and consideration by all Americans seeking to reign in our Federal government leviathan. I am one of those Americans.

According to Meckler, if we took the time to look beyond all mainstream media misrepresentations and deceptive polls, it becomes clear, our engaged citizens agree (Liberal Progressives, Moderates and Conservatives) our federal government no longer represents the people, ignores its enumerated powers and the US Constitution as the supreme law of the land.

Opponents of Article V would have you believe this common desire/purpose is something to fear. They would have you believe that a unified citizenry exercising their constitutional rights is more dangerous to self-governance than the politicians in Washington who care nothing for their oaths of office.

Trafficking in fear is the calling card of many groups of elite minions sprouting from both the left and the right these days. They prefer average America divided. They know we are easier to manage if we are told to believe the nation is irreconcilable and hopelessly deadlocked. They know better than us. They are better educated in the finer points of law and government, and for them the people would do well, once again, to follow their elevated machinations.

“Meckler and I both find more confusion than clarity in Article V opponent’s arguments and are often at a loss for which version of the US Constitution COS critics wish to honor. Which version of the Constitution they assume our elected representatives swear an oath to preserve,  protect and defend. Is it a version sans Article V?  Given Article V inclusion in the original document ratified in 1791, I would hope not. For that would be synonymous with a dangerously selective anti-American dogma.

“Revisiting the successes and failures of our government through an Article V Convention of States is a constitutional right of redress and it should not be feared, it should be embraced. It is time all citizens united to quarantine our divine right to self-governance from Washington’s historic abuses.”

You can read the rest of the article here.

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