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Food Shortages 2022

Published in Blog on May 09, 2022 by Joe Mavilia

Capitalism’s Free Market is the Solution

Some so called experts say we’ll have shortages while others say “no sweat” since there will be a minimal number of goods that will be unavailable and only for awhile. 

Consider if we were living here 100 years ago without instant communications of situations around the world we’d never know or worry how we’d be affected here in America. Anyway, America has always been an exporter and able to, for example, grow all the produce and meat products we could ever need and with excess that is available for export and thus reduce the “balance of payments” with other countries. 

We have a unique economic system in our nation that has worked famously for over 240 years. So why doesn’t government leave the capitalist system “free” to do what it does best. We produce anything that is unbeatable in all the world. But nooooo, government always manages to screw with the supply chain to create a crisis and thus justify their existence to solve the problems they caused in the first place. Especially with the current democrat administration, they interfere with corporate America on purpose for political reasons. Know what I mean? 

Who are these people in government? It clearly doesn’t matter who they are since the machine is a self-perpetuating monster that is peopled by control freaks who seek power at any cost. However, it is my contention that the democrat party is somewhat more likely to be the culprit since they lean to socialist rule. They expand government interference and overreach to express their judgement with a destructive agenda. Most recently, in the past year the results are clear to all that the policies of the Left have led to unbridled spending which has resulted in runaway inflation. That is due to dictatorial mandates which, of course, is unconstitutional at the very least and more likely criminal. 

California, for example, the breadbasket of America, has for decades produced double the farm products of any state in the country. That fact is because of an incredible 4 growing seasons in the sunshine state. The Central Valley comprises about 10,000 square miles and is nearly all farmlands. 

In the past decade or so much of the abundant production area has been shut down and crops plowed under. Even so there are many millions of acres that are not even being cultivated but could be but for a lack of water. Why? One reason is that 5 Dams have been approved in the past and funded to be constructed but certain segments of the population plus dumb government management have prevented those reservoirs from being built. Result: fresh water runs out to the ocean. Meanwhile California is in serious drought. 

A second reason for a water shortage is not using available proven methods of bringing water from the Pacific Northwest where there is an abundance of water, to California. There are trillions of acre feet of water now going to waste flowing out into the Pacific Ocean. So much so that the plume of fresh water can be found in the Ocean 500 miles to the South to San Francisco from Washington/Organ boarder and 350 miles North to the Strait of San Juan De Fuca. See the solution at WSIOL.COM. 

Capitalism, when left to its own devices, is far and away the greatest producer of virtually everything a country can ever need or consume. And clearly America is the world’s greatest export nation ever. 

Leadership that is friendly to Capitalist business means it has policies that allow for “Free Market” principles to work as they have for hundreds of years. The father of modern economics Adam Smith led the way to the most vibrant economic system ever in known history. Free market principles are applied and is further explained in Smith’s “invisible hand” theory.

Socialists, on the other hand believe government control of production is better. This is referred to as Keynesian Economics of John Maynard Keynes. 

A good explanation of the two economic views can be found at the following link.

Therein lies the problem that causes shortages of food or anything else in our economy. Keynes believed, as do some politicians and policymakers, that government can “Spend their way out of any crisis”. A classic example of the problems created by irresponsible spending is the trillions of dollars in “stimulus” payments during a manufactured crisis they dubbed as Covid 19. Of course, the crisis was created by those same politicians who promised to fix the crisis.

Convention of States is the constitutional provision (Article V of the Constitution) to deal with government if it gets out of control. COS has a platform of three areas that need to be re-established in our Federal Government.

Rein in federal overreach & jurisdiction
Impose Term Limits of those who serve in Congress
Require a Federal balanced budget

Go to sign the petition and join the movement to fix the out-of-control politicians who think they know what’s best for us. I have news for you, they are NOT geniuses and no different than you or me. 

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