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Final steps in Nebraska

Published in Blog on July 18, 2017 by Convention Of States Project

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We’re on to the final step in Nebraska!

The Convention of States application passed the Government, Military and Veterans Affairs Committee and is now eligible to be heard on the floor. It is important that your Senators know they have your support and understand the importance of this issue.

As their constituent, your voice is powerful. Just five phone calls from constituents like you can move a resolution to the top of your Senator’s priority list!

Please take a moment to email and call your Senator and voice your support for LR35, the application to call for a Convention of States.

Click here to find your Senator’s contact information.

Not sure what to say? We’ve created talking points available here. The bottom line is, be respectful, and explain to your legislator why you want them to support LR35, the Convention of States Application. Nebraskans, don't forget to include your Name, City, and State in your email! 

Your call or email could tip the balance in Nebraska. Please spread the word by sharing this post with your friends and family, and encouraging them to call their Senator!

Click here to get involved!
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