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Final South Carolina House subcommittee meeting this Thursday

Published in Blog on July 18, 2017 by Convention Of States Project

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Note: This call to action is for residents of South Carolina ONLY.

Washington D.C. has shown absolutely NO intentions of doing the difficult things to put our federal government back inside the fence of the Constitution. The Article V Convention of States process was given to state legislators by the founders for precisely this time.

 “Amendments therefore will be necessary, and it will be better to provide for them, in an easy, regular and Constitutional way than to trust to chance and violence.  It would be improper to require the consent of the Natl. Legislature, because they may abuse their power, and refuse their consent on that very account.” - George Mason, June 11, 1787

This Thursday, the South Carolina House Judiciary Subcommittee will be holding its third and final meeting/hearing on our Article V Convention of States application resolution (H 3177).

The subcommittee will be looking at other similar resolutions, so it is very important that you specify your support for H 3177. That is the Article V resolution that has been introduced in 36 other states this year and it contains the identical language which is important for aggregating the applications in the United States Congress so that there is no wiggle room and so that an Article V Convention can be called to propose amendments that impose fiscal restraints on the federal government, limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government, and impose term limits on its officials and members of Congress.

Again this will be the third and final hearing for this historic resolution that will get South Carolina involved in the national effort to rein in the runaway federal government by using the tool that the founders specifically left us in Article V of the Constitution. They will be getting massive pressure from all the fearmongers and Article V naysayers, so please let them know how important their vote on this committee is to you and to our country. Please call and email ALL five of these representatives and politely, respectfully, but firmly ask them to pass this resolution H 3177 out of their subcommittee so that the full Judiciary can debate this. Ask them even if they oppose this to please let the full body deliberate on it.

Hon. Bruce Bannister, Chairman        (803) -734-3138

Hon. Greg Delleney                            (803) -734-3120

Hon. Weston Newton                         (803) -212-6810

Hon. James Smith                               (803) -734-2997

Hon. Walt McLeod                             (803) -734-3276

If there is any way you can attend this hearing, or if you have friends that live in the Columbia area that want to help save our country, please consider coming to the hearing and letting these committee members see your support in person. The hearing will be held following the session adjournment on Thursday which makes it difficult to give you an exact time. More than likely it will commence shortly after 12 noon in room 516 of the Blatt House office building directly behind the statehouse. We need to FILL that room and show the committee members how important it is to you for them to pass this resolution.


Bob Menges

South Carolina State Director

Convention of States Project

Cell: 843-209-6121


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