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Federal overreach is at it again on Yucca Mountain

Published in Blog on February 08, 2019 by Christianne Scott

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Whether or not you approve of moving the nation's nuclear material to Nevada, the federal government, as established by our Founders, gave them no such authority.

Yet here we are.

Washington has secretly moved nuclear material to the Nevada test site. Nevada objects and the government, in essence says, "What are you going to do about it?"

The fact is the federal government is out of control, and Yucca Mountain is just one example. By trying to be all things to all Americans, it is failing miserably in it's main job: protecting the nation.

Out of control spending, a $22 trillion dollar deficit, and a porous border that allows human trafficking, gangs, and drugs into our country and communities are included in the list of issues Washington is just not listening to We The People about.

The solution? Simple but difficult. The Founders, knowing a tyrannical Congress would never voluntarily relinquish powers, established a clause in Article V of the Constitution allowing 2/3 of the states the power to protect this country with an Amendments Convention, and that is exactly what Convention of States Action is working toward.

The goal? 1. Limit the power and authority of the Federal Government to that established by the founders. 2. Limit the terms of elected and appointed officials. 3. Strict fiscal restraints.

We must breathe life back into Nevada's Battle Born Spirit and take action before its too late. Our legislature is in session, and you must make your voice heard. Call your legislators and tell them you support Convention of States and want them to do the same.

Together, we are one voice heard nationwide.

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