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Facebook is "crushing" conservative-leaning sites, here's what you can do about it

Published in Uncategorized on March 15, 2018 by Article V Patriot

The Silicon Valley is no friend to the average self-governing American, but Facebook's latest newsfeed change is a clear attack on those who hold conservative values.

The Daily Wire reports:

An extensive study of Facebook traffic data by The Western Journal provides more evidence that Facebook's recent changes to its newsfeed algorithm has impacted conservative sites far more than liberal sites, and that impact is almost entirely, and often dramatically, negative.

Overall, since mid-February, when Facebook implemented its new "trusted sources" algorithm— which CEO Mark Zuckerberg has described as an attempt to clamp down on "sensationalism, misinformation and polarization" — the study found that most conservative sites have seen a significant drop in traffic, while most liberal sites have seen little impact.

The study tracked 50 sites (25 conservative, 25 liberal) known to have significant Facebook traffic. The conservative sites saw a 14% decrease in traffic on average. When Fox News, one of the only conservative-leaning sites to see an increase in traffic since the changes, is excluded from the list, the average decline is far more dramatic. Meanwhile, the 25 left-leaning sites included in the study saw a 2% increase in traffic by average.

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Fortunately, Facebook hasn't entirely eliminated its users' ability to see the news they want to see. Here's how you can be sure to still get all the latest updates from the Convention of States Action Facebook page:

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