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Published in Blog on October 20, 2022 by Leroy E Cossette

Have you read the Democrat platform? Very few people have.

All the problems overtaking our country are exactly what the party platform promises if they are placed in power.

Out-of-control inflation, unaffordable food, gas, and drugs, especially for the lower income. School curriculums inappropriate for children, open borders, and dissemination of law enforcement. All designed to overwhelm our tax-funded systems and bankrupt our country. Read it, it’s all in there.

This is not the result of an inept president or the totally inexperienced and inept individuals placed in the most senior positions of our government. They are all a part of implementing their platform.

First, and the scariest. The Democrat platform states they intend to create a new agency of approximately 100,000 agents to trace every American citizen. The platform indicates that this new agency is directed at tracking COVID infected individuals. It’s all on page 10.

Actually, that part of their platform has been changed to hiring 80,000 IRS agents willing to carry a firearm and shoot American citizens. This initiative has just been approved and funded by Congress. 

What exactly would 80,000 new IRS agents do? Initially, go after small businesses and middle-class citizens to confiscate more tax dollars so they can continue their wasteful spending spree.

It doesn’t take 80,000 additional agents to accomplish this initiative. So, what then is their real purpose?

A good guess, I believe, is going after anyone who opposes the Democrat agenda to transition our Constitutional Republic into a one-party communist government. Remember, Obama made it clear that he intended to fundamentally change America.

Change America to what? Just look at what the current administration is doing and the answer is into a communist government with a Gestapo element to enforce that change. Straight out of the communist playbook.

Two, create a new agency for Global Media “to ensure that only accurate information is reported in the news or on the internet.” (Page 48) What happens to our Constitutional right to free speech? Who determines what is accurate or inaccurate? If this isn’t communism, I don’t know what is.

Three, eliminate border walls and immigration enforcement. (Pages 61-64).  A country without borders is no longer a country. Any person in the world can freely enter, utilize any of our taxes paid programs and maintain their homes in another country. This is the start of globalism. Straight out of the communist playbook.

Four, immediate citizenship for illegals (page 62-63). What’s the point? No borders mean the world is already automatically a citizen. Globalism and Communism, all in one neat package. What a deal.

Five, universal health care and Medicaid for all Americans and illegal aliens. End employer-provided healthcare. And just exactly how are we going to pay for this?

We are already $35 trillion in debt. Bankrupt the country, create chaos and take control with undeliverable promises to fix everything. Once again, right out of the communist playbook.

Six, free college (page 65). Sounds great, but on top of the existing debt, and free health care, your taxes will be so high there will be little money left for you to feed, clothe, or house your kids.

No worry, at least they will have free health care because they’re going to need it and the new communist party will be there to provide it. Dependency equals control after all.

Seven, forgiveness of student loans (page 71). Those taxes are piling up and so is our national debt. Where in the world are we going to get money to cover all these giveaways? The communist party will promise to take care of it, hello China.

Eight, an estimated $70 trillion for the Green New Deal with the closure of all coal and natural gas production. (Pages 49-56)

Even if the government takes every dollar earned from every person, they can never accumulate this much money. Where is this money coming from? China of course, and at this point, China owns America.

Our children are roaming the streets searching trash bins and trash landfills looking for something to eat. Those who once were citizens of the greatest nation on earth are standing in food lines hoping for a watered-down cup of soup. Isn’t the future looking bright? Venezuela 2.0.

And it goes on and on covering 92 pages of free benefits, with pages of racially biased benefits and destruction of gun manufacturing to eliminate any possibility that we can fight this and take back our Constitutional Republic.

Oh yes, I forgot about free abortions for women and girls. It’s sick and insane.

Every single Democrat Platform agenda item identified above is a classic government jurisdictional overreach and excessive expenditure issue.

These disastrous agenda items can only be stopped by proposed amendments restricting such overreach and requiring a balanced budget, as proposed by the Convention of States movement.

Go to and learn more. Get on board now or we will have missed the train with dire consequences.

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