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DOE hoards billions in COVID relief funds, clearly neglecting to serve students

Published in Blog on August 30, 2022 by Brianna Kraemer

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As if Americans haven’t seen enough examples of wasteful government spending, another display of mismanaged money emerged from the Department of Education this week.

Reports show the department hasn’t spent most of its COVID-19 relief funds, which were supposed to go towards assisting schools and students across the country during the height of the pandemic.

Congress passed three different pieces of legislation during the health emergency that directed a total of $263 billion to the department. 

Republicans on the House Oversight Committee have launched an investigation into the DOE’s handling of the funds, The Center Square reports. They also sent a letter to department Secretary Miguel Cardona asking for documentation and an explanation as to why a significant amount remains unspent.

“According to media reports, the vast majority of these ‘emergency’ funds remain unspent," the letter states. "Study after study shows the learning losses caused by prolonged pandemic school closures are compounding and preventing students from achieving academic success."

Lawmakers also demanded an explanation on whether the DOE is addressing the negative effects of extensive school closures, something that likely carried on as a result of teachers unions.

“Committee Republicans plan to ensure the department is doing everything in its power to ensure states and school districts properly target funds to remedy the acute learning losses brought on by prolonged pandemic school closures,” the letter added.

Unsurprisingly, this is just another display of sketchy money handling at the federal level. 

Whether it's funding for Americans, government agencies or foreign nations like Ukraine, the people don't seem to ever have a thorough understanding of where their taxpayer dollars end up – as seen by the ineffective DOE. 

Waste runs deep in the Swamp, which is why we must address the issue of spending with a clear balanced budget. Politicians are carried away by power, but an Article V Convention of States will rein in their negligent actions. 

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