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Disappointed? Here's what you can do

Published in Blog on July 18, 2017 by Convention Of States Project

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Presidential politics is a fickle business. 

On the heels of a decisive victory in Wisconsin, Ted Cruz lost his next major contest in Indiana, prompting the Texas Senator to suspend his campaign.

As when any candidate drops out of the race, Cruz’s decision left thousands of Americans concerned for the future of their country. Those who believed Cruz was the election’s only true conservative (or had the best shot of beating Hillary Clinton) are now wondering what the country will look like under the next president. They see their nation slipping away, and they feel powerless to stop it.

And it’s true. If the American people try to enact change through federal structures, they’ll continue to feel helpless and frustrated. Washington, D.C., is too far away and federal officials are too powerful for the average American to exercise any influence.

At the state level, however, the situation is much different, which is why the Convention of States Project has seen so much success. An Article V Convention of States is called by the state legislatures at the request of their constituents. At the Convention itself, state delegations propose constitutional amendments that limit the size and scope of the federal government. Finally, 38 states must ratify any amendment proposals before they become part of the Constitution.

Each step is state-controlled, which means the people have a real opportunity to influence and dictate which amendments are proposed and which are ratified. National politics are hit or miss -- it’s time to pursue a real, workable solution to the problems within our federal government.


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