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Delaware Introduces Convention of States Resolution

Published in Blog on July 17, 2017 by Convention Of States Project

Ladies and gentlemen, we are excited to announce that the state of Delaware has officially introduced SCR 31 - the Convention of States resolution!

Prime Sponsor, Senator Lawson filed the resolution, that if passed, will apply for a “Convention of the States under Article V of the United States Constitution to propose certain amendments relating to the federal government.”

Check out the full resolution here.

In the past year, hundreds of thousands of Americans have engaged with the Convention of States Project, expressing disgust with an abusive and runaway federal government.

In the 2015 legislative session, thirty-six states introduced the resolution and began discussing the merits of calling a Convention of States. So far, discussions have resulted in House victories in Arizona, Arkansas, North Dakota, New Mexico, Iowa, Louisiana, and Texas, Senate victories in Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Missouri, and final passage in Alabama.

Leadership in Delaware plans on spending the next year educating legislators and constituents about the merits of a Convention of States before the resolution is heard in committee in 2016.

To get involved, sign the Convention of States Petition and tell your state legislators it’s time for them to uphold their constitutional duty and take action to limit the ever-growing power of the federal government!

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