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Debt forecast: $11 trillion higher by 2029

Published in Blog on February 04, 2019 by Warren Wheeler

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On January 28 the Congressional Budget Office released 2019 budget projections, which clearly indicated the federal government is out of control.

The deficit increased 17 percent in 2018, and the CBO projects another 15 percent increase in 2019, reaching nearly $900 billion. In 10 years, the national debt will be about $11 trillion higher than today--reaching $33.7 trillion--according to the CBO.

CBO’s frightening numbers forecast a true financial crisis and prove—once again—it makes no difference whether Team D or Team R holds majority power in D.C. The red ink keeps flowing.

Washington’s political elites have no incentive to deal honestly with excessive and wasteful government spending. Instead, politicians compete with one another in promising services that magically will be paid for by taxes that only impact “the rich.”

But there are never enough rich people to fund Washington careerists’ schemes. Since charging actual costs would harm their reelection prospects with the bulk of voters who are middle income, D.C. politicians borrow money instead. They calculate the bill won’t come due until they are long gone.

Only if state legislators exercise their unique authority under Article V of the U. S. Constitution will Washington’s elites ever be forced to end their self-serving fiscal irresponsibility.

Please use this link to contact your state legislators today. Encourage them to support and co-sponsor HJ 685 and SJ 268. If they already support our legislation, thank them!

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