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Daniel Horowitz will join COS at Home to talk self-governance in America

Published in Blog on January 29, 2021 by Convention Of States

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What would the world look like if the United States never shut down for the coronavirus pandemic?

What would the United States look like if our country embraced a culture of self-governance?

Do these questions have you thinking? If so, then join us next Wednesday, February 3rd at 8:00pm ET for our next COS at Home webinar! 

Daniel Horowitz, host of the Conservative Review podcast and the senior editor of The Blaze, will join us to explain why Convention of States can re-establish a culture of self-governance in our country, and how YOUR activism will pave the way for such a culture.

After the main presentation, Daniel will also be answering questions, so be sure to stick around to the end of the program!

Thank you for your continued support of Convention of States! We look forward to hearing from you at this special webinar on Wednesday at 8pm ET!

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