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Convention of States in the news

Published in Blog on July 18, 2017 by Convention Of States Project

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So many news outlets have covered the Convention of States movement the past few days, we couldn't post each article individually. So we decided to list the links in one post and include short descriptions of each.

Happy reading!

Fox23 Okla lawmakers seek changes in state and U.S. Constitutions

This article by the Fox affiliate in Oklahoma covers the Convention of States movement in the Sooner State.

ConservativeHQ Cuccinelli Endorses Convention Of The States

We're pleased to have Ken Cuccinelli's endorsement, and you can read exactly what he said in this article.

The Washington Times Virginia weighs joining convention of states effort to rein in federal powers

The Washington Post Some Va. Republicans want to amend U.S. Constitution, but a party split is in the way

PilotOnline.comSome Va. lawmakers call for a convention of states

These three articles discuss the Convention of States effort in Virginia.

Indiana Daily Student - Attacking Article V as "snake oil"

Tom Dowdy pens this fantastic letter to the editor explaining how James Madison supported the Convention of States process.


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