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Constitution Alive is back by popular demand! Register today!

Published in Blog on November 19, 2020 by Convention Of States

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When we joined with Patriot Academy to offer the Constitution Alive! course earlier this year, we hoped that at least 10,000 patriots would attend this 6-week course on the Constitution. 

It was even more popular than we'd hope. Over 11,500 participants joined us every Monday night for this fascinating study, and now we're offering it again -- absolutely free!

This 6-week course meets every Monday night and features live commentary and Q&A from constitutional expert Rick Green, COS Action President Mark Meckler, and other special guests.

These constitutional experts and advocates for the original intent of our founding documents will lead you through this one-of-a-kind course on the meaning and purpose of the Constitution. We’ll gather together in an online meeting to watch the videos and discuss the workbook as we go article-by-article through the Constitution and Bill of Rights, learn about executive orders, recess appointments, the Electoral College, the powers of Congress and the President, freedom of religion, the duty of citizens, and much more.

Not only do you get the rich constitutional content of the course, you get timely commentary with immediate application of these constitutional principles to the hot topics of the day AND your live questions.

Plus, it's shot on location in Independence Hall, in the same room where the Declaration of Independence and Constitution were written!

This is a FREE weekly course and you can access the digital workbook as soon as you register. There are also options for purchasing a physical workbook if you prefer.

Even if you have attended a previous Constitution Alive class or you are hosting your own class currently, this is a great opportunity to join with thousands of others and to get the live commentary from constitutional experts.

We hope to see you there! And don't forget to tell your friends!

Class Dates:
November 23, 2020

November 30, 2020

December 7, 2020

December 14, 2020

December 21, 2020

December 28, 2020
Class Time:
7:00p - 8:30p CST

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