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Consent of the Governed - Maryland's Primary Elections

Published in Volunteer Resources Blog on May 16, 2024 by Julie Holly

Have you read the U.S. Constitution lately? If not, please consider doing so. It’s an eye-opener.  Pay particular attention to Article V. The Constitution explains how the largest and most powerful of the three branches of government (a.k.a. Congress) is made up of people we choose as our representatives. Article V explains how we can change what’s not working.  But you probably already know that part.   

We had an opportunity to exercise our power just the other day, when Maryland had their Republican and Democrat primary elections. Even though its over now, and you can check the results here, there are still some important questions to ask yourself: 

When you voted, what was most important to you in making your selection? Was it the person’s track record, party affiliation, race/gender, or experience? Most importantly, where does your candidate stand on the Article V Convention?   

If your choice didn’t win, it’s not over. In all likelihood that person is still active in some way.  Those who did win will be on the ballot in November. How can you connect with them and be heard? What can you do to affect the outcome of the general election?   

In years past, politicians counted on us to basically “phone it in," meaning if we voted at all, we voted for the names we recognized without educating ourselves on the issues and the actions of those running for office. Many voters felt apathy brought on by hopelessness about our vote not counting, or we were kept so busy trying to survive that we didn’t have the energy to vote.   

But that was then and this is now. The tide is turning! As the governed, we are more powerful than we sometimes recognize. We have the power to determine the outcome of the general election, and together, we can help increase support for the Article V Convention! Not feeling the whole pavement-pounding, sign-waving thing?  That’s OK. It’s not for everyone. You have the ability to make a difference even if you do so quietly. 

Here are some steps you can take: 

1. If the idea of changing the Constitution scares you, educate yourself by going here.  

2. Once you feel comfortable with the facts, pass them on. Talk to anyone who will listen. Ask what they know about Article V and help alleviate their fears with factual information.   

3. Send emails to your current and (potential) future representatives. You can find them here Ask where they stand on the Article V Convention. If needed, educate them. Provide them with the same facts you learned. Let them know they could potentially earn your vote by supporting the Convention. Be respectful and persistent! 

5. Most importantly, use your discernment. There are a lot of opinions and “facts” being tossed around out there. Dig deeper. Keep asking questions until you feel good about your choice. 

Elections are extremely important, but we must also remember to keep our eye on the ball. No matter who is in Washington D.C., the federal government will never limit its own power, which is why we need to build the largest army of self-governing activists in America to call for an Article V Convention of States! 

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