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Citizen's Action Day 2024

Published in Blog on January 24, 2024 by Will T. Zwart

“Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more!” 

Every January, braving cold winds and occasional rainfall, Convention of States supporters from across Maryland gather outside the State House to participate in the annual Citizen’s Action Day. This year saw the largest turnout yet, with close to 50 participants assembled, including representation from the Maryland team, COS National, the state legislature, and even the New Jersey team! 
Convention of States champions from the state Senate and House of Delegates were on-hand to meet with the grassroots. Senate sponsor Justin Ready and Delegate sponsor Mark Fisher both addressed the crowd, giving truth and encouragement to the citizens of Maryland. 

After a short lunch provided by the Maryland team leadership, the party broke into smaller groups to walk the halls of the House and Senate buildings. Every Citizen’s Action Day, COS Marylanders visit all 188 offices of the legislators to deliver packets of petition signers and make their calls for an Article V convention heard! The legislative strategy team did an amazing job getting the teams together, and organizing the various packets by building, floor, office, and name. Thanks to their efforts, it only took a little over an hour to cover all eight floors. 
Much conversation was had, and the teams found plenty of opportunities to discuss COS with legislators and staff, especially the upcoming Model Commissioner Legislation, an essential piece of the Article V structure.

Model Commissioner Legislation FAQs

With nearly two hundred offices visited and thousands of petition signers’ names successfully delivered, the Maryland team reunited outside the State House for a group photo, and then attended to a local business for fellowship. Many will follow-up their legislators with hand-written notes and messages, thanking them for their time, and once more urging them to support the movement to save America!  
Citizen engagement in the legislative process is essential to preserving our civil government. Legislators take notice when the grassroots connect with them, especially in person! This is what Convention of States is all about. Our goal is to hold the first-ever Article V convention, but our mission is to build an engaged army of self-governing activists, and if Citizen’s Action Day is any indication, Maryland is well on its way to achieving that goal! 

What can you do?

All Convention of States (COS) Maryland supporters need to contact their State General Assembly members. Even if you have already reached out, it will help our cause if you repeatedly contact your legislators. Persistence pays off!

Legislators act when they hear from their constituents. Our COS Resolution already has momentum, and we need YOU to act to ensure we push the resolution to passage.

Your opinion counts! Use this link to tell them you are in support of the 2024 Convention of States resolution.

Passing our COS Resolution will require all of us to work together, urging our legislature to stand up against Washington, D.C. Contact your General Assembly members and encourage them to agree to represent your position in support of our COS Resolution.

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