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Call to action Iowa! Senate Government Committee to consider Article V

Published in Blog on July 17, 2017 by Convention Of States Project

After passing the Iowa House 54-43, the Iowa Convention of States Article V application calling for an amending convention has been sent to the Senate State Government Committee for consideration. The bill, HJR 8, needs your support to get it heard on the Senate floor.

Please contact the senators listed below and voice your support for the Convention of States Project and HJR 8. We especially encourage you to contact Senator Jeff Danielson, thank him for meeting with Convention of States leadership, and urge him to collaborate with Representative Hagenow in his support of Article V.

Jeff Danielson (District 30), Chair -

Thomas G. Courtney (District 44), Vice Chair -

Rick Bertrand (District 7), Ranking Member -

Tod R. Bowman (District 29) -

Jake Chapman (District 10) -

Dick L. Dearden (District 16) -

Robert E. Dvorsky (District 37) -

Randy Feenstra (District 2) -

Wally E. Horn (District 35) -

David Johnson (District 1) -

Matt McCoy (District 21) -

Janet Petersen (District 18) -

Brian Schoenjahn (District 32) -

Jason Schultz (District 9) -

Jack Whitver (District 19) -

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