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Block Walking Captains help spread the word about COS

Published in Blog on June 12, 2022 by Convention of States

The steady stream of bad news flowing from the media unfailingly reminds us that our country is in a dark place, but COS Block Walking Captains still have hope and are busy spreading the good news that there is a solution as big as the problem.

All throughout the country, these devoted volunteers are organizing efforts to go door-to-door, telling more people about Convention of States and how We the People can use the Constitution to preserve our liberties. Their work, reaching Americans who might not otherwise hear about COS, is incalculably important.

Do you want your neighbors to know about Convention of States? Submit your information below and we will get back to you about block walking in your neighborhood. You can go with us. Or you can invite a few of your neighbors to meet in your driveway and we will show up and explain what COS is all about. 

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