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Biden's 30 x 30 Plan is an old idea

Published in Blog on June 25, 2021 by Angel Cushing

Biden's "30 x 30 Plan" is not a law. It is an executive order issued within days of Joe Biden's swearing into the executive office. It is an order to conserve 30 percent of America by the year 2030. The executive order is to be administered by all federal departments in the name of "environmental justice" to end the "climate crisis." The order claims that only 12% of the United States is in conservation, yet 28% of the lands in the US is owned by governments. That 28% does not count conservation programs and easements contracted with private land owners.

The only power law has over the 30 x 30 executive order is on the assumption that Congress passes an omnibus bill to direct the federal departments not to budget the 30 x 30 order or create a law denying any department from using tax payer dollars to acquire property.

Should you need an example of how effective that is, please consider Lyon County, Kansas. Though Congress passed an omnibus bill every year since 2015 and President Trump signed an executive order ending Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing, it did not end the pursuit of the Joint Emporia Lyon County Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Regulations (PLAN ELC) which attempted to implement a Home Owners Association over the entire county.

Yes, the draft regulations really did try to ban barb-wire fences in a cattle grazing county of the Flint Hills. Yes, the architects, Urban Collaborative, really did attempt to zone everything outside of city limits as a park. What Lyon County has now is outside of the intent of our Constitution. It is joint governing through planning and zoning that allows city officials to have influence of rural farmers who do not participate in city elections.

Nor will any law passed by Congress prevent the acquisition of property from individual land owners. Federal departments often use purchasing agents such as the Nature Conservancy and various land trusts to do the acquiring for them. That scheme often involves creative laundering of tax-payer dollars. The non-profit collects a grant from the federal government. It then uses that money to purchase property from owners being harassed by regulatory agencies. After a lease or other agreement is up, the non-profit then donates the property to the federal government.

Should you think the answer lies in electing different people to higher offices, please remember 30 x 30 is a very old idea. Setting aside the nations that are being strangled by this idea and focusing only on the United States, we can see this particular conservation and preservation idea come to life in Buffalo Commons, an essay written in the 1980s by Frank and Debra Popper.

You can argue Mr. and Mrs. Popper's essay was inspired by the growth of  land preservation of the 1960s and 70s made popular in an alarming prediction published in the Journal of Science in the late 1960s. Tragedy of the Commons, was written by Garrett Hardin and predicted doom for all of humanity unless the community forced individuals into compliance of strict land management use.

The United States saw an economic boom in the years just prior to the 60s and 70s. That post World War II boom had sprawled the neighborhoods, invented the recreational vehicle and made camping in a National Park a weekend tradition for the entire family. New National Parks were needed to fulfill the community's adventure, making preservation for recreation a populist movement.

You can look further back to the organized ideas of the Sierra Club, founded in the late 1800s which are similar to the writings of popular European economists of early and mid 1800s. In fact, the executive order 30 x 30 is such an old idea, it can be found in the pages of almost every manuscript documenting the history of man.

The motivation for continuing to rebrand that very old idea is simple. It has a name. It is called coveting. The private property owner interferes with the ability for the masses to recreate. The color of your house should be appealing to the eye of the tourist. Your office space should be inviting to everyone to visit. Your back yard should be a safe path and a beautiful garden for those who may pass through. And your farm, should be a campground. It should have no livestock to interfere with or stink up the picnic area.

Congress cannot stop 30 x 30 by passing a law to prevent funding for it. However, we can.

A Convention of States can stop the coveting of our homes and lands.

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